feb 12-18

BIG5 of the Week〔Feb 12-18〕

  • The Competition Authority of Germany – its case against Facebook:

    UntitledTwitter Competition law may prohibit the merging of data from WhatsApp and Instagram with Facebook profiles. The data merging potentially gives Facebook an unfair competitive advantage in attracting advertisers that violates antitrust rules. http://bit.ly/2ojcXaa   

  • [Opinion] Break Up the Tech Giants intelligence² debate:

    Untitled 2Twitter Prof. Pinar Akman: To decide to break up the GAFAM tech giants, we must be convinced that the market is not competitive, that the tech giants engaged in harmful conduct and that breaking them up is necessary and proportionate. There is no evidence to support this. http://bit.ly/2Fdniga

  • Price-fixing penalty imposed on Samsung upheld in Japan:


    Twitter Supreme Court rules that competition law can apply to price-fixing of products supplied to customers outside Japan. http://bit.ly/2o9kRnA


  • MediaPro case closed in Spain:

    CNMCTwitter The CNMC terminated its case against MediaPro - the dominant broadcaster of Champions League and La Liga football leagues. MediaPro committed to license its content to competing broadcasting platforms on fair and non-discriminatory terms. http://bit.ly/2nZ4f1Q

  • Getty Images settles with Google:

    Twitter Getty Images drops EU scraping complaint after concluding a licensing agreement with Google. http://bit.ly/2EDucyf



〔Feb 12-18〕