BIG5 of the Week 〔FEB 19-25〕

  • Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Big Fight’ Against Monopolies

    Twitter Elizabeth Warren: ‘There’s this belief, when it comes to tech companies, that when people don’t pay up front, there’s no antitrust concern. But that’s a myth. Data is power.’

  • Insight on the recent Roche/Novartis decision of the Court of Justice of the EU

    CJEU_Logo.pngTwitter An agreement between pharmaceutical companies to spread misleading information about the effects of a drug can be a violation of competition law because it can affect the prescriptions given by doctors.


  • The Case Against Google 

    NYT Article.pngTwitter NYT: If you love Google, you should hope for antitrust investigations. There is no better method for keeping the marketplace creative than a legal system that intervenes whenever a company, no matter how beloved, grows so large as to blot out the sun.


  • Trump Antitrust Cop Splits With EU Over Probes of Big Tech

    Twitter DOJ antitrust chief: The EU stance towards digital platforms ‘might stifle the very innovation that has created dynamic competition for the benefit of consumers’.


  • European Commission fines maritime car carriers and car parts suppliers for collusion

    EC Logo.png
    Twitter European Commission fines multiple companies (including Bosch and Continental) for participating in a cartel while supplying car parts.


Updates from The Antitrust

  • Whatever happened to ‘View Image’?

    settled with Getty Images to save itself from another potential fine from the European Commission.



〔FEB 19-25〕

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